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Midnight Mangoes plays progressive rock inspired by Arabic music, dark folk, jazz fusion, worldbeat, stoner rock and more, with bardic lyrics relating tales of myth, monsters and men from across the globe. Our music is diverse and features prominent female vocal harmonies, virtuoso woodwinds and Middle Eastern percussion. Our debut album "Double Crown" was released in 2015.

Ingrid Cheung - Lead vocals, woodwinds: Canadian-born Chinese, classically trained flautist who writes music and most of the lyrics for the band. She sees Midnight Mangoes as an opportunity to introduce listeners to new rhythms, melodies and styles. In addition to the silver flute, Ingrid plays bass flute and clarinet.



Greg Valou - Guitar, vocals, producer: A composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who plays in a bunch of world music and experimental music projects, including Zimbamoto, Tarab and Naad. He handles most of the things that aren't related to lyrics or flutes, including arranging, multi-instruments and graphic design. While not making music, Greg works for a major bureaucracy.



Sally Zori - Drums, percussion: Born in Iraq and raised in the United Arab Emirates and Canada, Sally was drawn to percussion from a young age. She began with the Doumbek, a traditional middle eastern drum, and then expanded to Latin percussion and drum kit. A versatile musician, Sally performs in many groups inlcuding Queer As Funk and Tomboy Survival Guide and has had the pleasure of performing with a couple of Orchestras under the leadership of the great John Morris Russell, and the honour of being the percussionist for Aretha Franklin.


Chris McKnight - Bass: An east coast Canadian of mostly Acadian descent, Chris learned about music by playing with a Casio VL-1 as a toddler, and he thinks every child should have this toy. He went on to pick up trombone in middle school until, one day in 1999, a bass came to him in a blaze of furious glory and a magical partnership was struck. When not out of town as a geologist, he currently wields the bottom end with pleasure in Midnight Mangoes, local VGM cover bands Tasty Animals and Megalixir, and comedy band, Terry.























Debut Album: Double Crown
Featuring Guest Artists: Colin Maskell, Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos, Meghan Engel & Haigan Day






















September 26, 2015
CD Release "Double Crown"
One Thousand Rivers
54 E. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
8:00 p.m.




May 4 - 18, 2015
Thank you everyone who VOTED FOR US on Telus STORYHIVE!
You helped us get a $10,000 grant to produce a music video for our song, "The Sleep of Endymion."


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